Hey SUES, being sustainable is important to me and my events.  What options might I have for a eco-friendly program?

Great question! Sustainability is a large part of SUES mission. We encourage an environmentally friendly atmosphere in our conference, event and office spaces. SUES partners with UNLV Rebel Recycling Program to provide sustainable options and services for your events. Here are some suggestions you can implement in you upcoming events. Remember to check with your Event Coordinator or the SUES Reservation Team for more details and specifics.

  • Recycling
    • SUES can assist you in having recycling bins available at your event, indoors or out at no additional charge. Our bin selection includes compost, plastic/aluminum, paper, and cardboard.
    • Take a look at the next Festival of Communities Event or UNLV Premier to see SUES and UNLV Rebel Recycling partnership in action!
  • Food & Beverage
    • Ask that condiments, beverages, and other food items be provided bulk instead of individually packaged. Ask for all food and beverage packaging to  be recycled.
    • Instead of plastic water bottles, think about using water carafes for indoor events, and water monsters for outdoor events

water monster


Water Monster. Image source

  • Use local produce in season
  • Ask that leftover food be composted.
  • Use of technology for marketing and communication
    • Use social networking, the Internet, or e-mail to promote your event versus paper invitations or flyers.
    • Use an electronic registration website. SUES offers Registration Services with a variety of options to meet your specific event needs.
    • Go virtual! Offer your agenda and conference materials on-line.

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